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Thermal imaging is a process of increasing objects visibility through detecting the objects’ infrared radiation and generating an image based on that information. Thermal imaging can be done on a daytime and night time as well. Our team uses an infrared camera to take infrared photographs of thermal anomalies. Our principal focus is thermal imaging of electrical switchgear, but we routinely scan bearings, gearboxes, transformers, motors, plant and production equipment.

Thermal imaging has become more accessible and affordable due to the advancement of technology. Most commercial and industrial sectors in Australia are now very familiar with thermal imaging and how it can help businesses operate efficiently 24/7. If you are a business owner and want to include thermal imaging to your range of services, then you are on the right track. Most customers around Australia are now very familiar with thermal imaging – so it will be a lot easier for you to market this product.

What is thermal imaging scan?

A thermal imaging scan has the potential to identify problems that will not be discovered using traditional inspection techniques. A regular thermal imaging scan of your electrical equipment and power boards will ensure that you identify electrical faults before their failure becomes a costly concern for your business.

What is thermal imaging inspection?

A thermal imaging inspection and assessment can prevent unforeseen breakdowns, equipment losses, and potential loss of production.

Why insurance companies require thermal imaging?

Many insurance companies now require thermal imaging to be a part of a regular maintenance program for the prevention of losses caused by major equipment failure.

The benefits of thermal imaging

Thermal imaging creates a more efficient, effective, faster, and safer method of checking electrical infrastructure, thus allowing you to protect your business.

Thermal imaging’s regular predictive maintenance can help save money and lower electrical cost due to unplanned shut downs & major equipment failure.

Checking, measuring and assessing the conditions and temperature of running machines are dangerous, but with thermal imaging, it can be completed efficiently and quickly.

The thermal imaging makes several jobs more manageable, including distinguishing air leakages, recording irregular heat dispersion and recognising deviations in insulation.

High altitudes and power lines are some of the aspects of electrical infrastructure that are hard to touch or measure, and thermal imaging products can accurately measure them.

Quality thermal imaging services

On-site inspections – all Thermal Imaging Inspections will be conducted by our Certified Thermographer. Electrical Safety Observers can also be arranged.
Reporting – all Thermal Imaging Reports will be assessed compiled by a Infraspection Institute Certified Level 3 Thermographer.

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