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We can quickly detect issues with your electrical system, and switchboard with our electrical, thermal imaging cameras. As a team of a highly trained professional in thermal imaging, we carry out Thermographic scanning of your electrical switchboards, providing you with clarity and peace of mind that probable issues within the switchboard are distinguished.

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Through electrical thermal imaging, electrical fault are detected which is an essential preventative maintenance tool for business & industry.

Electrical thermal scanning can only be carried out by an experienced Thermographer that can accurately identify potential problems before catastrophic failure occurs.

An experienced Thermographer conducting a survey of the electrical switchboards will provide the business with a low-risk preventive maintenance tool.

Thermal imaging is a “Low Risk” preventative maintenance tool that will increase the efficiency of any maintenance program.

Preventative maintenance will reduce unscheduled production downtime and reduce expensive unforeseen repairs.

Please note that faults that are identified, will be documented so that corrective action can progress. Think Thermal Imaging can conduct a thermal survey with minimal interruptions to the business’s daily activity. All our thermographers are Infraspection Institute Certified Level 3, so you can rest assured that your electrical system is being handled with a 100% quality guarantee.

Benefits electrical thermal imaging

• Reduce downtime
• More production
• Reduce maintenance labour costs
• Higher efficiency
• Tighter quality control

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