Insurance Compliance

Insurance companies are progressively including thermal imaging as an essential requirement for commercial premises fire risk assessment. Kindly check your Insurance Policy for more information.

Depending on your Insurer, thermal imaging can assist the business to reduce commercial insurance premiums. As licensed, trained and insured experts in thermal imaging building inspection, we can implement a “Predictive Maintenance Programme” that can lower the risk of catastrophic failure and therefore lower the insurance costs.

Not only that thermal imaging can help you comply with insurance compliance but can also help prevent breakdown and minimise production downtime.

Our experienced Thermographer who conducts a survey of the electrical switchboards & other mechanical equipment will provide your business with a low risk predictive maintenance tool. Please note that our thermographers are Infraspection Institute Certified Level 3.

Benefits of electrical thermal imaging

• Reduce downtime
• More production
• Reduce maintenance labour costs
• Higher efficiency
• Tighter quality control

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